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We have been at our current location here in the Village of Ducktrap, Maine since January of 1972. Our emphasis has been on building and repairing small craft–mostly wherries and double enders. We've built right around 200 of them in all, and heaven only knows how many boats we have repaired in the last 50 years.

Though still building and repairing, our focus these days is mostly helping others build the same boats we have built for decades. To that end we offer information in the form of plans and books by Walter Simmons.

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This is the Alli8, a nimble little sailer if ever there was one.



Christmas Wherry

This is Guillemot, and her builder writes:

“My Christmas Wherry is absolutely ideal for the area I live in. She sails with the slightest breeze and is quite fast, very shallow draught makes her ideal for Samphire picking (a local delicacy!). She still turns heads and is an absolute delight, although you have to watch the gybes – I try to tack instead! – I couldn’t have picked a better design, thank you.

Bob Panrucker



We are also widely known as decoy carvers,and you can see and read about a sampling of our work over at our companion site
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