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Duck Trap Press is an offshoot of our years of boatbuilding. We publish and distribute Walter Simmons' boatbuilding books, from the classic (and just rewritten)
Lapstrake Boatbuilding to the most recent, Building the Harbor Skiff and Building the Alli8. These books are intended to be used, not simply to decorate a coffee table. And we've introduced Boatbuilding in Pictures CDs as well...see below.

Our books are large format (8-1/2" x 11"), comb bound to lay flat on your bench, and provided with sufficient white space for those all-important notes. Our CDs are in Adobe Acrobat® format and are readable on Macs and Windows machines. The information contained in all of them is the product of decades of first-hand experience, years spent honing skills and inventing little tricks to get the job done more efficiently.

As one reviewer said, "Boatbuilding is never easy, but there are easier ways to do things, and those are explained clearly and concisely." Here are the books that explain building traditional small craft, and will help you to get your boat right the first time.

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Alli8 cover


Building the Alli8 and Building the Harbor Skiff are available in 3 formats: on CD, as a full color book, and as a black & white book.
Clicking on the covers will take you to additional information.

Harbor Skiff cover
Lapstrake Boatbuilding
Lapstrake Boatbuilding is also available now on CD.
Building the Maine Skiff
Building Sunshine
Lapstrake Canoes
Lines, Lofting
Pigeons & Gudgeons
Glued Lap Construction
Decoy Carving
Yes, this book is smaller.

And these are the titles of our
Boatbuilding in Pictures Series,
available on CD or as full color books.

Even though all of our CDs are all about building traditional boats, each has something unique to offer. The one on the Littlest Boats is a solid introduction to boatbuilding, and makes a great supplement to Building the Maine Skiff. The Rhodes Wherry CD has more on building the moulds and setting up than any of the others. The one on the Newfoundland Trap Skiff has a great deal on planking. And the Duck Trap Wherry CD has a lot of inboard joinerwork details. The Christmas Wherry CD has all of that plus information on the all-important details that are too often overlooked by new builders. They all cover similar subjects, as they must, and there is something different to learn from each and every one.

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Building the Rhodes Wherry

Rhodes Wherry..........Rhodes Wherry

Littlest Boats..........Littlest Boats

The Littlest Boats

(Littlest Wherry, Littlest Yacht Tender,
and the Skiff Youth Bed)


Newfoundland Trap Skiff

Nfld Trap Skiff..........Newfoundland Trap Skiff
Duck Trap Wherry..........Duck Trap Wherry

Duck Trap Wherry


Building the Christmas Wherry

Christmas Wherry..........Christmas Wherry
Lapstrake Canoesmmm

Lapstrake Canoes



The Matinicus Double Ender




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