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The purpose of this page is to provide you with ready access to information throughout this part of our site by means of individual links...just click and you'll be taken directly to where you want to go. The index is just below this photo of one of our Harbor Skiffs on her maiden voyage.
Harbor Skiff

This is the 12' Harbor Skiff, built by the crew at Hilmark Boats on Vancouver Island. She rows well and moves right along with a small outboard, for those so inclined. The plan for this boat IS a lofting; everything is drawn full size. Plans are available through our online catalogue. We also have plans for a 1" scale model of her.

Note: Yes, sliding seats can be incorporated into our pulling boats.

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Alli8 sailing

This is the Alli8,
one of the sweetest little V-bottoms you'll ever see.
Better yet, she's a snap to build, and economical to boot.

Check out the design and the CD.

Newfoundland Trap Skiff

19'-11" Newfoundland Trap Skiff
Thank You
Launched July 2002

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