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We build more wherries and double enders than anything else. And the one thing they all share in common is that typical rudder fittings aren't really suitable. It's a problem common to every boat where there is narrow bearing for the lower rudder fitting. That includes double enders, Whitehalls, and even dories.


rudder fittings


We carved the patterns and made the match plates for these rudder fittings. They are cast in the same New Hampshire foundry that does our oar locks, and then finished right here in our shop..."Made in the USA" from start to finish.

We furnish them bored and countersunk for #10 mounting screws, and drilled for the 5/16" connecting rod.



This is a set of bronze rudder fittings for a wherry. We use gudgeons only. The rudder gudgeons at the top of the photo, attach to the body of the rudder-they are designed for 3/4" thick rudders. The transom gudgeon (2nd one up) works well on any transom. The sternpost gudgeon (at the bottom is the photo) is unique. It is just the ticket for down low on a wherry transom where it's narrow. You won't find them elsewhere. It is our design, and this is the only place where you can get them, as far as we know. Click here for precise dimensions.

A piece of 5/16" bronze rod passes through all four fittings and acts as a hinge pin. Why no pintles? Because they have a uncanny tendency to become unshipped. Attached using the rod, should the rudder strike bottom, it can jump and then drop right back down in place. We've been using this system for years, and never had a problem.

These are sold as "machined castings," as seen above, or you can order them fully polished if you prefer. An installation page is included with every set.


Typical arrangements...

A complete set of rudder fittings consists of four pieces. You will need two rudder fittings to go on the rudder, regardless of the type of boat. Beyond that, it is your choice. Add two transom (horizontal gudgeons) if you have at least 4" width for fastening; order one transom and one sternpost (vertical) gudgeon if the transom is narrower down towards the water; or, order two sternpost gudgeons if your boat is double ended or you will be mounting to a sternpost.

All of the individual components are the same price.

For a Wherry:
2 rudder gudgeons+1 sternpost & 1 transom gudgeon
For a Double Ender:
2 rudder gudgeons & 2 sternpost gudgeons
For a Yacht Tender: 2 rudder gudgeons & 2 transom gudgeons

[The sternpost gudgeons are the vertical ones,
& the transom gudgeons are the horizntal ones.

Since there are a number of possible combinations even beyond
what's listed above, we figure it's easier for all concerned
to simply price them by the piece.
Prices are as follows:

Machine Castings (shown) priced at US$19./piece
Polished add US $5./piece
...bronze rod not included...
Want to save a few bucks?
...then order the castings and you handle the drilling.
Castingings are priced at US$16.50./piece have to tell us which pieces you want.

No two boats are exactly like, and there are times when it is helpful need to know the exact size of our fittings beforehand, so here are dimensions taken from pieces that have been finished and are ready to ship. Remember, though, that since these are castings they necessarily vary a bit. These dimensions are in inches, and should be viewed as typical:

Rudder Gudgeon
Sternpost Gudgeon
Transom Gudgeon




Here's what they look like during installation...

Osprey's rudder

This shot was taken during the construction of Osprey,
a 16' glued lap Duck Trap Wherry. Though it's difficult to see in the optimized photo, the 5/16"bronze rod extends about 6" beyond the lowest fitting.

When completed, the gudgeons on the body of the rudder will be concealed by the mahogany rudder cheeks. This photo is one of a series from the Duck Trap Wherry construction CD. To download the installation page, just click on the link below...

Rudder Hardware Installation Page


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