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Designed in 2011, the Alli8 is the latest offering from Duck Trap. She's a V-bottom sailboat with a daggerboard and a 40 square foot lug rig, measuring just about 8' overall with a 4' beam.

Alli8 closeup
This is Alli at the helm of her new boat on launching day–the red racing stripe was her idea. It's interesting to note that she had no problem sailing all over this 3/4-mile-long great pond, even though her sum total of on the water sailing lessons amounted to a single week-long class.


Sailing instructors have known for years that the absolute best way to train youngsters to sail is to put them in a boat that they can handle on their own. The Alli8 fills that bill and then some. Equally at home on a farm pond or within harbor confines, this little sailboat is no toy. She's strong as well as durable, and has a comfortable motion on the water, unlike her flat bottomed kin.



Her plans include not just the construction and sail plan drawn to scale, but two large (3' x 10') pages of full size patterns. There is absolutely no lofting required to build this boat, yet there is no guesswork involved because even the building form is shown full size.

Where the plans are detailed, the book is the icing on the cake. Part of out Boatbuilding in Picture series, layout and construction is fully detailed from beginning to end. There are even excerpt pages from the shop notebook to show how best to layout pieces to make the most of the plywood.

Yes, materials and fastening lists are included as well as a breakdown of the entire process into its components for those who might want to utilize this for a home schooling project. Actually, it could be two lessons in one: building, and then sailing too.


Plans for the Alli8........................$125
(including shipping in the continental US)

Click here for information on the CD (and the two printed versions)

Alli8 ghosting along

Ghosting along on a late Fall afternoon.

Can you build her?

We've spent decades developing designs and drawing plans that are suitable for pros and non-professionals alike. Apparently we've been successful as our boats are now on six of the seven continents, and have been built by young and old from all walks of life. What they all had in common was a love of boats and a willingness to give something new a try.

The first day Alli's boat went in the water, two of our neighbors came over to ask how they might build one for their grandkids. This little sailboat is that appealing.




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