Lines, Lofting, and Half Models

At it's most basic level, lofting is the process of rendering the three views of the hull the actual size of the boat to be built. But there is a lot more to it than that, and books on lofting that really cover the subject are scarce–and good ones are scarcer still. It's one thing to loft a skiff or a dory with flat sides and bottom. It's quite another to loft the shapely curves of a wherry and get them right. With this book in hand, you will have all the information you need–others can't say that.
Great Island Rowboat

This is the original Great Island Rowboat, which was about 90 years old when this photo was taken. A popular type at the turn of the last century, we measured this boat in order to preserve her lines and draw her construction plans. If you know of an old type worth saving like this one, Lines, Lofting & Half Models will teach you how to take off the lines...and how to correct to create a Table of Offsets...and how to make a half model.

As the title implies, this book deals with lines and lofting, and does so thoroughly, but what sets it apart from others on the subject is that its first section deals with half models. This is the way the author learned and the way he has taught lofting for years, and it works. Once you understand half models, (and you will after working with this book) they illustrate nearly all of the lofting process. They offer the further benefit of helping you become familiar with the three-dimensional hull you are about to build before lofting and before committing precious resources. It's the easiest way to learn–it's the way the apprentice system worked before the government put an end to it–and it all hinges on half models.

The lines section shows you how to select, interpret, and use building plans efficiently. Once you understand the half models and the two-dimensional lines derived from them, lofting is no longer intimidating. The lofting section takes you the rest of the way with no-nonsense coverage of the entire process, explaining how make the seemingly unavoidable corrections, and how to make use of your lofting, once completed.

In short, this is a full lofting course, taught by one of the most experienced small craft boatbuilders on the Maine Coast.

Lines, Lofting & Half Models book cover

Lines, Lofting, and Half Models
158 pages, 91 line drawings,
indexed, glossary*
(shipping weight 3 lbs.)

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Newfoundland Trap Skiff, Arundel

The largest of the wherries, this is the Newfoundland Trap Skiff, Arundel. Her lines came from a 100+ year old builder's half model. As with the G.I. Rowboat, her lines were taken off, lofted, and finally translated into boatbuilding plans. That's just one example of what you can do once you understand half models. The author built both boats, by the way.

Even with our plans in hand, you need to loft your boat in order to build the moulds and get out the backbone members. The information you need is in Lines, Lofting.

Lofting the Bearding Line


Expanding a Curved Transom

What sort of illustrations? Here are two of them from the book. To the left, the explanation of the bearding line, showing how it relates to the waterlines and the stem profile.

Below is a bit of information you will be hard put to find elsewhere, expanding a curved transom...just what's needed if you plan to build our curved stern 14' Duck Trap Wherry.

Learning is a cumulative process, and each component of lofting is built on something earlier, all the way back to the half models. And you don't have to be a math whiz to learn it, just attentive and persistent.

Here's your chance to learn lofting the right way, and at your own speed...


Lines, Lofting, and Half Models
158 pages, 91 line drawings,
indexed, glossary*
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