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Oarlocks & Sockets

Introducing our 2" capacity bronze oarlocks...horns and sockets for those who prefer the older terms. We are making our own oarlocks and sockets again because, quite frankly, we wouldn't put ill-made imported castings on our boats. Good traditional boats deserve nothing less than well designed traditional oarlocks.

oarlocks & sockets

Duck Trap silicon bronze oarlocks.


We carved the patterns and made the match plates. They are cast in a New Hampshire foundry, and then finished right here in our shop..."Made in the USA" from start to finish.

Unlike the imports, these fit and operate smoothly. That's because the sockets are bored to 0.500" and the shanks of the horns are turned to 0.485" (+ or - 0.005").


Our oarlocks and sockets are sold as seen here, ready to install in your boat. We call them "machined castings". That means that the oar seats, shanks, and sockets are machined, while the rest is left with the foundry's sandcast finish. We like the way they look, and over the years have learned that it provides a non-slip surface that is as corrosion resistant as any other. They'll last a lifetime and beyond (assuming you attach lanyards to the eyes, that is, because they don't float worth a hoot).

These offer the right fit and the right look for your wherry or other traditional boat. That's the reason we use these very same horns and sockets every boat that comes out of our shop here at Duck Trap.

These are sold by the pair (2 horns + 2 sockets) for US$85.
Shipping weight is 2 pounds/pair.

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