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repairs cd


These books are so closely related that they are purchased together more often than not. Repairing necessitates refinishing, simple as that. The problem is, shipping is becoming increasingly expensive–especially for overseas orders. And it is a whole lot less expensive to ship a CD than it is to ship even a single book.

As we got into the process of generating an electronic version, we thought we'd take the opportunity to add some extras at the same time. To Repairs we added a chapter on repairing lapstrake planking, complete with full color shop photos, much like our Boatbuilding in Pictures CDs. Seeing how it's done step-by-step dispels the trepidation first timers experience when faced with shattered planking. To Finishing we added new information on products that we are currently using for our own boats–an even better undercoater, surfacing putty, a synthetic gold, and others. And since this is all in Adobe Acrobat format, you can use that program's search feature to zero in to exactly the information needed.

Yes, we understand than many of you already have one of these books. If you already own Repairs, order this CD and you will getting that plus Finishing for a mesley $7.50. If you already own Finishing, you will be getting that plus Repairs for $12.50–that's less than half price.

All together this disc contains better that 400 pages of time-tested boatbuilding information, all for $37.50. That's a deal...and you'll save money on shipping in the bargain.

Repairs +Finishing CD
plus additional chapters

This price does not include the print versions of Repairs and Finishing.





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