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These are all single page plans...
two of them are actually full size!

.....Oarmaking Plan

An 11 x 17" page illustrating the layout of our 8' modified spoon oars. These are flat-bladed oars, not hollowed out, with a curve in the last 6" of the blade. A pair can be gotten out of a single 2 x 8. Far more efficient than straight blades, and not at all difficult to make. The photo shows the easy way to shape the inside of the oar blade.

Plan price, including mailing, US$12.00
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laminate oars

Full Size Oar Plans (This is actually a lofting)

These are the same oars that go with our wherries and double enders.

This is a single page depicting 7', 8', 9', and even 10' modified spoon oars. Here's the answer for anyone the least bit skeptical about scaling up oar dimensions from a plan, because it shows details of the swept blade, the elliptical loom, the all-important handle, and even the windings, all full size. And in the case of the 10-footers, it even details laminating the looms.

Folks keep telling us this is one of the best deals around, and these days when a pair of even straight bladed 8-footers from a well known manufacturer will set you back $400, we can't help but agree.

Plan price, including mailing, US$35.00
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oar windings

These are the windings and stops we use in lieu of leathers.
And yes, these oars can be made using lumberyard 2" dimension lumber.

(see photo above left)

Lap Clamp Plan

Our lap clamps are self-contained and straightforward to make. The smaller 4" canoe lap clamps are shown here in use on a glued lap Duck Trap Wherry. Shown below are a 4", 7", and 12" lap clamp.


lap clamps

Just redrawn, our new lap clamp plan includes the 4", 7", 9", 10", and 12" clamps, and shows you how the handles are made as well. Everything is drawn full size on a single page measuring 24" x 36".

Plan price, including mailing, US$20.00

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