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[Yes, these can also be carvel or even strip planked
using these very same plans.]

All of these plans are unique to Duck Trap Woodworking; you won't find any of them elsewhere. Some of the lines and details came from old boats (now long gone), a few came from antique builder's half models that we own, others we designed by Walter Simmons in response to specific requests. We build from these plans ourselves...have for years, so we know they're right.

If you are looking for a design in a particular length, look around. All of these boats can be built in a range of sizes. A Duck Trap Wherry, for example can be any length from 14-18', and that can be accomplished without a new table of offsets, simply by altering the distance between stations.

And before you go any further, please understand that what you are purchasing is the construction rights for one-time use only. A royalty amounting to 50% of the original cost of the plans is due on subsequent boats built from our boatbuilding plans. That doesn't apply to oar and clamp plans.

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Note: The skiff page actually includes 5 boats: The Maine Skiff, the Lobsterman's Skiff, the Dory Skiff (shown to the left), the Lumberyard Punt, and our latest, the 12' Harbor Skiff.

Not Shown: Esmeralda, out 18" ketch rigged double ender.
Also not shown: Alli8, our great little kid's sailboat.

We also offer plans for you to make your own oars and lap clamps.

Every one of these designs can be planked traditionally. We happen to prefer Northern White Cedar, but other woods are suitable too. They can also be planked using top-grade marine plywood, fastened like traditional planking with riveted laps or glued lapstrake using epoxy in the laps. Either way, the sizes of the planks needed is a concern, so use this link to go to a page showing plank sizes.

We don't yet offer loftings for every one of our designs, but we do offer them for the boats that seem most intimidating to new builders. You can build your boat directly from the scale building plans, but you'll have to do the lofting. If you decide to go that route, you might want to take a look at Lines, Lofting, and Half Models. It was written to help you understand the process, and walks you through it from beginning to end.

The loftings we offer are the lines of the hull drawn full size. They are on a single page, the one for the Newfoundland Trap Skiff, for example, measuring about 42" x 24'. Each is a blueline copy (light background with the lines reproduced in blue). It contains all three lines views of the hull (profile, halfbreadths, and body plan) plus the transom expansion. Construction details and explanatory notes are added as well, but what's there depends on the model. Planking layouts (only the Littlest Wherry and Littlest Yacht Tender plans include plank patterns), stem details, rudder shapes, and keel sections, are just some of the items included...all drawn to their actual dimensions. As you read through other design pages on this site, you'll see that we do indeed offer plank patterns for some boats.

Could you just order the lofting and build your boat from it? It's possible, but if you do, you are going to be working without benefit of plan details. Remember, the building plans are comprehensive. The primary function of the lofting is to provide full-scale verification of the lines and the size and shape of the moulds and backbone members. It's the scale plan that provides the all-important construction details.

Note: We are not licensing or offering the use of our plans for mass production, regardless of the construction method or materials used (e.g. wood or synthetics). The terms, conditions, and royalties for building multiple boats from our designs differ significantly from those of our plans explained above, as should be expected. Contact us for details.

Once plans have been stamped with your name written in,
they are not sure before you buy.


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