Lapstrake Boatbuilding

Lapstrake Boatbuilding
30th Anniversary Edition
by Walter J. Simmons

401 pages, 218 photos & illustrations,

US$ 65.00

(We also offer this book on CD.)

Lincolnville Salmon Wherry

14' Lincolnville Salmon Wherry.

Cover Photo: 20' Newfoundland Trap Skiff "Mercedita", build by the author in 2007.

Since it was first published in 1978, Lapstrake Boatbuilding has become a classic. It has found its way into boatshops, vocational training programs, college classrooms, public libraries, and thousands of private boatbuilding libraries. It is the only book that leads you through lapstrake construction from stock selection, to setting up, steaming, planking, and inboard joinerwork.

This is the basic book on lapstrake construction that provides the background information everyone needs. The Lapstrake Boatbuilding books have been consistently popular with boatbuilders and aspiring boatbuilders for more than two decades.

This book is the earlier volumes with 30 more years of building experience added.

Whether you would like to build a skiff, a tender, or even one of the lovely Lincolnville Salmon Wherries like the one in the photo, Lapstrake Boatbuilding contains the information every builder should have close at hand.

Chapters include...

  • The Boatbuilding Process

  • Gallery of Lapstrake Boat

    The Shop

  • Tools

  • Lumber

  • Construction Photos

  • Preparatory Work

  • Planking

  • Timbering Out

  • Joinerwork

  • Finishing

  • Sail and Oar

  • Good Boats

  • Useful Asides

  • Words for Aspiring Professionals

Lapstrake Boatbuilding

401 pages, 218 photos & illustrations, indexed.

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US$65.00/copy (shipping weight 4 lbs.)

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And we are pleased to offer this CD now as well...

Lapstrake Boatbuilding cd

In it you will find the very same information in pdf format
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In fact, we also offer Wherries on CD.

boring mast partner

Boring the Mast Partner: Lincolnville Wherry

A note to aspiring boatbuilders...

If you are thinking about building a boat for the first time, reading is certainly the place to begin. The second consideration is the matter of selecting a design. Over the years we have learned that so-called novice boatbuilders are capable of producing some truly lovely boats, so don't be deterred by thoughts that it's not possible for you, or that all you can hope to build is the simplest design. Building traditional boats isn't easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but it is a skill that can be learned with perseverance and attention to detail.

Have you thought about plans?

Besides being some of the best looking boats around, the plans offered by Duck Trap Woodworking have been drawn and annotated with non-professionals in mind. Why not look through them to see whether there is a design that appeals to you–for your first boat that is an important factor. And if you would like to talk with a boatbuilder about your choice, give us a call or fire off an email. We've been answering questions like yours for more than thirty years (not by email, of course).

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