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Lapstrake Canoes

Lapstrake canoes are the easiest to build of all traditional lapstrake boats.

As much as the author enjoys building boats–and his total is nearing 200–he enjoys passing along what he has learned to other builders even more. That's really the basis for all of the CDs in the Boatbuilding in Pictures Series. Up until now all have dealt with wherries. This one takes a close look at the fast and sleek canoes that leave their canvas-covered counterparts in their wake.


The CD focuses on two canoes designed by Walter Simmons...this 13' cedar planked beauty with steamed ribs finished bright inboard and out, and a 15' glued lapstrake model, painted outboard and oiled inboard.
Interested in plans?

The photo printed on the CD is the stem head of the 13-footer, and is indicative of the detail contained within.

We added considerably to her building time to make her easier for you to build, interrupting progress hundreds of times to take photos. 297 of the best are on this CD, spread over the equivalent of 209 pages measuring 8.5" x 11"...far and away our most extensive.

This is what the cover of the print version looks like, and below are a couple of sample pages. They actually measure 8.5" x 11", just reduced and optimized here on this page to make the images load in a reasonable amount of time.


Chapter 1 Making the Moulds
Chapter 2 Setting Up
Chapter 3 Essentials
Chapter 4 Planking
Chapter 5 Ribs & Rails
Chapter 6 Finishing Up
Chapter 7 Launching

Lapstrake canoes page 48

In Chapter 3, Essentials, we take the time to explain scarphing so that you will understand how it's accomplished before planking even begins.

Lapstrake canoes page 126

In Chapter 5, Ribs & Rails, there is a thorough discussion of steaming and fastening the ribs and floors in place.

See it done so that you are familiar with the entire operation before you even begin boiling the water.


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Lapstrake Canoes
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