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Option 1: CDs. Our Boatbuilding in Pictures CDs are readable on both Mac and Windows computers, and are loaded with color photos. Since we knew that full color printing was going to be very expensive, we elected to use the digital format, which allows us to “print” the books in the series inexpensively, and thus keep them within most builder's budgets.They are intended to be viewed on a monitor, and the files on them are compressed and encrypted, so can neither be printed nor copied.

Option 2: Full color books. For those who don't care for reading a book on a computer monitor, or who just prefer a printed book, we have printed a very limited run of full color editions of all seven CDs. Like all of our books, they have laminated covers, are comb bound, and measure 8-1/2” x 11”.These are substantial books, and really are lovely with all of those color photos. Color printing is pricey, but they are worth every cent, or so folks keep telling us. And if you want the best of both worlds, there is a deal for anyone who orders both the book and the matching CD at the same time.

Option 3: Books with black and white photos. For those who prefer a hard copy but don't insist on full color photos, we offer monochrome versions of these very same books. The information inside is identical in every other respect, and the photos are black and white. The trade-off is that these are less expensive books to produce, and so are offered at a lower price than the full color versions. How diferent are they? Take a look at these images...

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Now there's no denying that color enhances photos, but as you can see from the examples above, as far as legibility is concerned, there is little difference between the two. And of course these are much reduced in both size and resolution. The pages of the books measure 8.5" x 11".


3 book covers



These CDs are priced at $25 each; book prices appear below:
(All prices in US$)

Building the Rhodes Wherry...90 pages/ 132 photos
Color =$45...... B&W=$30
Information on what's inside.

Building the Littlest Boats...101 pages/ 144 photos
Color =$50...... B&W=$30
Information on what's inside.

Building the Newfoundland Trap Skiff...142 pages/ 185 photos
Color =$65...... B&W=$35
Information on what's inside.

Building the Duck Trap Wherry...180 pages/260 photos
Color =$75...... B&W=$40
Information on what's inside.

Building the Christmas Wherry...179 pages/222 photos
Color =$75...... B&W=$40
Information on what's inside.

Lapstrake Canoes...209 pages/297 photos
Color =$75...... B&W=$40
Information on what's inside.

The Matinicus Double Ender...299 pages/404 photos
Color =$85...... B&W=$50
Information on what's inside.

Building the Harbor Skiff...76 pages/87 photos
Color = $45........B&W=$30

Information on what's inside.

Building the Alli8...71 pages/54 photos
Color = $40
Read more about it.

Any of these titles can be combined with our other books for free shipping within the United States.

And for those who like digital media, remember that we also have Lapstrake Boatbuilding, Wherries, and a combined CD of Repairs & Finishing available.

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