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Lines, Lofting combo CD

The Lines, Lofting combo CD is $30–$5 less than you would spend for the two books.

Repairs combo CD

The Repairs combo CD is $37.50– $17.45 less than you would spend for the books! That's almost enough to buy you a Brass Boatbuilder's Bevel.

Of course there's also a savings if you buy the books because we pay the shipping on orders of two or more books going to the same address in the continental US...your choice.


Our latest book and design
is of the Alli8

Alli8 CD

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.Harbor Skiff bok cover

Part of our Boatbuilding in Pictures Series, this book follows the construction of our most popular and versatile skiff from beginning to end. Available printed in 8.5" x 11" format or on compact disc.

Building the Harbor Skiff

76 pages and 87 photos

Full color hard copy.................................$45.00
Black & White edition..............................$30.00
CD format..................................................$25.00

Building plan must be purchased separately.

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Alli8 cover

riveting tool

Boat Riveting Tool!

This is the Bantam Bully, manufactured by Superior Pneumatic with tips developed in consultation with long time boatbuilder and friend Geoff Burke. I used it planking Esmeralda, and it cut riveting time by at least a third. It does a beautiful job–and fast. There are some helpful hints to getting the most out of it, and we'll be glad to share them with you.

Those interested should contact Superior Pneumatics directly. Their toll free number is 800-521-2282. You won't be disappointed.

Lapstrake Boatbuilding CD


Check out these CDs!
And our latest one...

We have offered our Boatbuilding in Pictures Series on CD for some time, making it possible for us to produce and ship all those titles inexpensively. Producing and shipping books is another matter, especially those shipped outside the US. Here is an opportunity for you to avail yourself of one or even both of our most popular books in CD format at only $25 each and with very modest shipping charges.

That's a savings of $10 off the cover price of Wherries
and $40 off the cover price of Lapstrake Boatbuilding.

We'll go you one better than that...Order both of these CDs at the same time and they will ship free to any US address...or...we'll ship the pair anywhere in the world for a flat $5!

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Techie stuff: Our CDs are the industry standard 48X 700MB compact disk (CD-R). ISO 9660 format means that they are readable on both Macintosh and Windows computers. Files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format readable with version 4 or above. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available directly from Adobe as a free download.

Wherries CD

The image on the Lapstrake Boatbuilding CD is the Newfoundland Trap Skiff Mercedita. The image on the Wherries CD is another Trap Skiff built by the author, named Thank You.


Christmas Wherry Kits

It has been a long time coming, but working in conjunction with Jordan Boats in the UK and with Hewes & Company here in the US, we are now able to offer a kit for our Christmas Wherry. To give credit where it is due, it took Alec Jordan's considerable talents to wade through the technology necessary to bring these kits to fruition.

Christmas Wherry-pb

The Annie-Bee was built by Paul Barnes, who wrote to say:

"My boat finally went into the water today so I thought I'd send you some pictures. I've ordered the sail but haven't got it yet. I'll send you some sailing pictures next. The boat felt great and I could not believe that I sat on the gunwale without it capsizing.

Thanks for all your help."

Paul wasn't a boatbuilder by any stretch of the imagination when he began, but from the look of his photos, he is now. Lovely job.

Christmas Wherry-pb2

Earlier, he wrote to say "I've never done any woodwork before (except one year at school!) so when I
retired I thought I would build a boat and couldn't resist the lines of your designs. Your disk was invaluable and made the whole thing possible. I am not exaggerating when I say that if I can build a boat with my previous knowledge and experience, anyone can!"

On this side of the Atlantic those interested in a kit should contact Hewes & Company directly. Outside the US, those interested should contact Jordan Boats.



Plank Patterns!!!

You wouldn't believe how many times over the years we have been asked if our plans include plank patterns. Like the constant drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet, that query kept nagging. So we decided to begin the process do something about that.

For a start, we are offering full size plank patterns for our Harbor Skiff and for the Rhodes Wherry. The HS patterns fit on a single 36" wide sheet, and the Rhodes patterns required two sheets, but they are also full size. Printed on the same paper as our other plans and loftings, these can be unrolled to prick through and transfer the shapes, or simply cut out with scissors and rolled out on the planking stock and traced. Developing the planks for your boat doesn't get any easier than that. And with marine ply at better than $120/sheet and even cedar at $3/foot +, if you are the least bit skeptical about getting out your planking, this would certainly be money well spent.

Full Size 12' Harbor Skiff Plank Patterns..................................$25.00
Full Size 10'-6" Rhodes Wherry Plank Patterns.........................40.00

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Please take note: These patterns are not theoretical; they were traced from actual boats that we were building at the time. In order for them to fit your boat as well as they did ours, your boat must be set up according to the plan.

Attention model makers

Yes, we're well aware that our boats would make beautiful models. We also know that our plans are some of the most reasonably priced anywhere. Still, a lot of model makers balk about having to buy full sets of boatbuilding plans in order to build their models. Since we can appreciate that, we are currently working on producing scale plans specifically for model making. We are even considering offering kits, but first things first.

Here's the beginning–a freshly planked, 1" scale Harbor Skiff model...

Harbor Skiff model

Those straight pins are holding the breasthook and quarterknees in place. This one has balsa planking over basswood.

1" scale Harbor Skiff model plan (2 pages) $25.

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We are building a Lincolnville Salmon Wherry model presently to prove the next set of plans,
and are working on the plans for a 1" scale Sunshine.

Lap Clamp Plan

At long last, our new lap clamp plan is completed. It includes the 4", 7", 9", 10", and 12" clamps plus details handles you can make. Everything is full size on a single page measuring 24" x 36". Shown to the right are a 4", 7", and 12" lap clamp.

Click here for more information.

lap clamps

mHarbor Skiff

This is the 12' Harbor Skiff.

This skiff was initially designed as the maximum skiff allowable at our town dock, though this round sided skiff is anything but ordinary. The entire plan is on a single page, and the page is nearly 15' long because she is drawn out full size. There is no lofting required whatever. There is more information on our skiffs page.

This boat has been sold, but we have another for sale...

Yes we build these boats!

A number of people have asked whether we still build boats. Ignoring the implied reference to our age, we want you to know that the answer is yes, we do. We don't even attempt to build 10-12 wherries a year like we used to...we reduced the pace when we passed 175 boats.

Other demands on our time have limited our building schedule to a select few boats–sometimes just a single Trap Skiff or a couple of Duck Trap Wherries in an entire year. We recently finished a 14' Lincolnville Salmon Wherry as well as a couple of repair jobs, and are in the midst of building the big double ender featured on our home page.

No shop has more experience building our designs, and few if any offer better prices. If you are interested, drop us an email or give us a call.

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