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Building the
Christmas Wherry

The Christmas Wherry could well be the ultimate boat for your family.

We don't make that statement lightly...She has the easy motion of a Trap Skiff, sails every bit as well with her lug rig, and rows even better. Her 5’ beam and the shape of her sections equates to plenty of stability with no lack of room aboard, yet she's of managable size–All that and she about as handsome a craft as ever emerged from our shop. She’s striking, and what’s more, she’s designed for non-professional builders.

Christmas Wherry CD

Really? We know wherries; we ought to after having built more than 40 of them, and helped hundreds of others build theirs. That amount of experience has taught us what works for non-professional builders and what doesn't, and her plans were drawn with those things in mind.

We added considerably to her building time to make her easier for you to build, interrupting progress hundreds of times to take photos. 222 of the best are on this CD, spread over the equivalent of 179 pages measuring 8.5" x 11".

Yes, the Christmas Wherry is a new design, though her heritage stretches back over the centuries. She shares the family resemblance and the wherry's easy motion on the water. This boat is a sweetheart.

CW Cover

This is what the cover of the print version looks like, and below are a couple of sample pages. They actually measure 8.5" x 11", just reduced and optimized here on this page to make the images load in a reasonable amount of time.

The boat photographed here and throughout (which is as yet unamed) is a 15-foot Christmas Wherry, designed and built by Walter Simmons and completed in October 2005.

CW page 54
CW page 123
Click here for a closer look.
Click here for a closer look.


Building the Christmas Wherry
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